Meet Me, Bronnie the maker!!!

Hi, thanks for looking PollyDangles up!  I'm Bronnie, claymixer, designer and maker.

I am a busy as mumma with 3 kids, Erina 10, Elise 8 and Arthur 4.  I have a fab part time job as a specialist administrator and my amazing hubbie lets me dabble in extracurricular crafts on an ongoing basis!

I discovered polymer clay in Aug 2018 as a form of mindfulness and resin soon after.  I decided in Feb 2019 after lots of making my own (and daughters) earrings that I should sell the pretty thangs!

I try to make each Clay collection individual with all earrings one of a kind.  So no two pairs will ever be identical, even if the earring style is they same, the way the pattern is cut will make the earrings one offs.


The clay is conditioned and rolled out into a "slab" this is then decorated with more clay, rolled again and texture added if I feel like it.  From here I cut the earring shapes and then bake in the oven.  Once the pieces are cured, I drill, sand and buff them before I join the pieces together to form the earring.  Occasionally I will add paint pen art and/or varnish depending on the earring design.  The earring posts and backs then get glued on and walah, your dangles are ready to wear! 

In addition to clay I make resin and glitter pieces which I love combining with my polymer clay components for that extra pop!  These are all hand mixed and cured by me along with the sanding and buffing - my poor fingers.  So worth it though!


It is a time consuming process, but I love the creativity and relaxation it provides me.


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I appreciate all the support from those who have encouraged, shared, liked and purchased from me.


Thankyou from me! xo Bronnie

polyer clay leopad cane
Polymer clay slab and canes
polymer clay slab
polymr clay rose cane
polymer clay slab black and white